The Most-Corrupt Administration Ever?



Let’s see how I do with the list.

  • Fast And Furious (guns for drug lords, resulting in murder of Americans and Mexicans)
  • Robosigning (over 100,000 perjured affidavits filed in court cases)
  • IRS Tea Party and other group and individual abuse in direct violation of the law (politically-based harassment and now apparently-perjured testimony before Congress)
  • Money Laundering for terrorists and drug lords (by multiple large banks)
  • Intentional and unlawful destruction of property rights (GM bondholders screwed for political cronies in the UAW)
  • Intentional and unlawful destruction of your saved wealth (QE, QE2, QE3, QEinfinity, $1 trillion+ deficits, etc; Treasury and Federal Reserve actions)
  • Benghazi (apparent illegal arming of terrorists, then an attempt to reverse that leading to the attack on our CIA outpost and what appears to be intentional indifference and orders to stand down during the attack that had to come from the White House despite ability to respondthis amounts to conspiracywith the terrorists to kill Chris Stevens and the others who died.)
  • Swindles by the billions in countless schemes during the 2000s related to securitizations and other hinky deals (where despite black letter legal requirements for actual endorsement and delivery of documentsbanks simply did not comply and now argue there should be no penalty for not having done so, and that these defects are “mere procedural errors” despite intent to not comply.)  The result is that our land title system no longer has any resemblance of integrity.
  • Intentional destruction of anything approaching a “free market” for health care going back 30+ yearsand now compounded through active conspiracy by Obama and all of the political parties to grant, protect and enforce through government monopolies and cost-shifting resulting in cost escalations of 500-1,000% or even more against market prices and now, with Obamacare, abuse of the IRS tax power to force another 100% or more increase in those expenses down your throatfor the express purpose of enrichment of those in the medical industry.

I’m sure I’ve missed a bunch, but this is a good start.

What do all these (and more) have in common?

The people’s refusal, as Americans, to stand and demand that The Rule of Law be restored and honored and that those who refuse to do so be impeached (if in government) and stand trial for their abuses.

I keep hearing people ask when I, or someone else, will “lead” on this issue.

Why do you ask where the leader is?

Do you want a Hitler?  You’re going to get one if you keep that **** up.

We the people do not need “leaders” to resolve this.

We all need to personally grow a pair of balls to replace that vacuum between our legs (or nestled in our pelvis where our ovaries are supposed to be.)

We need to get off our fat asses and stop demanding that someone else take care of what is our job as citizens of this nation.

You do not have the right to health care.

You do not have the right to a job.

You do not have the right to go to college.

You do not have the right to a house.

You do not have the right to food.

You do have the right to effort to generate some form of economic activity by your own hand and mind for yourself and those who you have as dependents through your own actions, such as your children (who exist because of your actions — your exercise of the power to create life.)  You may then expend the fruits of that economic activity as you see fit because such is your property; you earned it through an honest exchange with another.

You do have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit (but not guarantee of attainment) of happiness.  This means that all of the above — every single one of those abuses that have been served upon you — are unlawful.

But those three rights only exist so long as you will stand and defend them.  A person is a victim only until he or she gives consent.  

Put a different way: The only difference between sex and******is consent. 

As soon as you consent to the frauds and abuses heaped upon you they cease to be frauds and abuses and become part of a sick sado-masochistic ritual you have willingly taken upon yourself.

They remain so until you stand and demand that it stop, backing that demand with whatever defensive force is necessary to stop what has now become******rather than sex.

It is for that reason that I am an absolutist on where the Second Amendment’s boundaries lie.  It is impossibleas a matter of logic for me or anyone else to depend on someone else to stop a criminal who intends to take my life or that of those in my care, irrespective of how we would otherwise design such a social system.  By definition the first person able and often the only person able to stop such an assault is the victim that the perpetrator intends to assault or kill.  It matters not whether the assailant is an individual thug, a pair of thugs, an organized gang or a government agency.

The bottom line is the same; your right to life only exists so long as you are willing and able to defend it.

The same bottom line exists for liberty and the offense against it that is delineated in most of the above list; you have such a right only so long as you are willing to defend it.  The minute you cede that right you have consented to what you are experiencing and you lose the right to bitch about it until and unless you stand and take back that which God gave you.

This is basic logic and as soon as you cede basic logic you inevitably lose every other point of argument.  In this case when you lose those arguments you risk losing your life and/or liberty; you are literally risking death or enslavement.

Since 2007 I have written on these matters in the economic realm and laid forth arithmetic proving that what has been done is not an accident but rather is a swindle.  It is not a new swindle either; it is in fact one of the oldest in the history books, rivaling only prostitution in age.  Arithmetic is not subject to debate; you can choose to overlook it but you cannot change it.

Those of you who seek leaders are fools; each of you should lead for yourself and confine that leadership to yourself and your life along with those dependent upon you through acts of your own free choice, enjoying or suffering the consequences of those choices.

Your right to lead in that regard ends as soon as you demand that someone else pay for whatever it is that you want to acquire or suffer as a consequence of your actions and inactions, whether it be food, shelter, education, health care or anything else.

The first principle behind The Declaration is that we are a nation governed by laws, not men, with each such law that is valid and enforceable being able to be tied back all the way to The Declaration through The Constitution.

The Declaration sets forth the reason why although rights are absolute societies organize governments — it is for the purpose of providing a framework of laws to enforce those rights and punish violators.  Absent that you have only the law of the jungle, where the individual with the biggest teeth, claws and body mass wins while everything else is food.

That is what you have in the absence of the rule of law, and that is what we have collectively and individually allowed to occur in this country.  All of the above has occurred because we have regressed to The Law of the Jungle from The Rule of Law.

We either stop it or we will be consumed by it.

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