In (This Paper) God We Trust

dollar grenade
By: Peek Crackers |

In god we trust:  G-O-D – Guns Oil Drugs?

The Power of this paper drives fear so deep that we kill each other off just to have more ink.
Ever really think about it?  We work so hard and give away the moments that count most in life just for that paper money with no real value.
I would have to say it is the biggest cause of death in the world as we know it.
We can’t eat it, we can’t drink it, we can’t make love with it. It’s a note of diluted time and labor.
The real Bank

The Fancy economists call it a “medium of exchange”.  It’s just a nice way to say “trade ya”.
So it withers down our lives into small little useless numbers that hold an invisible value of nothing.
Once you start to break it down to the “square root”, debit is what you will see, But what kind of debit? What is it that you owe?
It is in our heads, our hearts, our homes, our children…and it’s 100% toxic. The stress of money alone can kill a person and people kill out of need for money. The “waltz of the dead”. One leads, One follows.
The reproduction of fiat paper has  asexual life line just like a parasite worm

This worthless paper is so bound into our sexual desires we go into depressions over it. And what is “depression”?  I read somewhere that it was the emotion of anger inside out, and anger caused by hurt.

Its allure is more powerful than sex, more controlling than religion and greater than most people’s dreams.
Once money has had its twisted Ménage à Trois and leaving the ego limp with its ever growing consumption, it starts seeking its next mental orgasm, splashing its invisible superiority over our minds for a prize ribbon of competitive achievement.
Like looking in the Mirror
The imaginary cheerleading squad for men’s minds has low cut tops and the smallest of kilts. They are hoping for that one hi leg kick so they can have that money shot, then it’s time to Fist pump the air liking a fucking idiot trying to get the blood to flow into his arm while having a stroke.
The Lady’s version comes with extra tight schlong-hugger 70′s dance pants that give that nice rounded look to the fat storage area on your body called the “ass”…Gyrating in a salsa rhythmic motion waiting for that vulgar hip thrust that symbolizes completion. *Whoot whoot*  is the female lame hash tag! They glimmer on the seduction of the imaginary accomplishment.
Buy your Image
Head to Kenya and let’s call a 90 day stay over at ego anonymous.  A great wake up for the Hi five-in’  pee brains. Let’s see if that humbles their inflated fiat paper filled heads.
The Paper is So strong It now can take down whole countries with its dividing reach that makes an invisible bull ring around its prey.
YO! You Feeling me BITCH?

The paper is making sure that it has hooked each person,  city,  state, country, so that builds feelings of isolation and alone-ness with such dependency.

Using its invisible power and thrusting into populations, turning them into a frenzy and eating up all the free hand outs like a locust swarm….mowing down on every self mutating grasp of individuality and responsibility.
Just Suckers
So hard to give up the paper when none is to be had. When there is too much paper, the force of all its weight grinds down a modern civilization to savage primitive behavior detergents acting like neanderthal hunters swinging clubs and dragging their knuckles, pulling every shitty chunk of useless junk back to the cave.
  The sweeping of ego into the trash
The paper note punches down on people much harder than the printing press it was created on. Its relentless pounding and pushing its GOD like image with force the world addiction to everything. Stamping, hammering it into our brains like a ball of fresh hot wax only for it to cool and crack.
People bounce and move like they have the laser red dot of a loaded gun pointed with its cross hairs set dead straight on everyone’s forehead. If they stop ducking and dodging they will be pistol whipped mentally through Government institutions as a reminder of the hookers they have become to the delusional pimp Donny Dollar with the butter fly collar. They better work those streets for that selfish addiction ego hustle and sell their soul on that Conner of dirt, and make sure you keep spending and borrowing…’Till debit do us part.
Who’s playing the Organ
Its becomes Stockholm syndrome in hearts to an image of normalizing the profound and rude behavior, like having to perform like seals clapping for small dead fish at sea world, or fighting over popcorn like seagulls for the entertainment of fat old men on a park bench. We come back for more of any scraps they throw at us.
I have heard thousands of times over the years, “Money is not everything” as that very same person starts complaining on how shit their life is as their inner struggles and divided concepts and conclusions have nothing grounded and solid. There always has to be a new need in the modern day of this north American human. As soon as time can be well spent, the endless desperation of needing drives them crazy.
 ”No time because of work”. “Not enough to buy things for the children.” “Education costs too much.” Bla bla bla.  But hey! Money’s nothing!
The tree of broken dream
Watch as parents go into such a mental debate for their own selfish gratitude conversing about their children, bragging to any one that will listen on how smart the kids are in a schooling system that was set up to keep them from learnin . This ass-backwards in-line of thinking goes on and on. School to make us dumb, Food that takes from our health, Jobs that never give us any fruits of labor.
Think about that for one second. The more you learn in that system the less you really know. You Might want to take a second look what you are bragging about. Not one oz of critical thinking. Full reliance on Paper that paid for a Paper to tell you You’re smart.
As they scrape away the uncomfortable layers of what they wanted for another human, because heeeyyy, they know Best!.. As they do not reflect on slaving to a crack of a whip in the web of the Illusion.
The real money printers

I laugh when someone tells me how smart their children are in the schooling system…such pride of being graded in the performance of another person’s diction. All the regurgitation of conditional molding in the frame of your enslavers’ world. You have the the freedom to do what you’re told…as the children are now fully enslaved and dependent on a false and misleading dream. Donny dollar waits for his new work force to mature with a large charming smile.
Why bring a gun to a paper fight?
I once heard a small businessman tell me that he was beat to death in a legal suit by the opposing party “killing him with paper”.  All I could see in my mind’s eye  was a man being swatted like a hand shy dog, cowering with its head scrunched down never knowing what angle the next harsh blow will come from with a rolled up news paper. What he meant was he didn’t have the money to follow threw with his law suit and lost all of what he thought was important. 5 years he fought and lost 10 years off his life with stress.
Support our Illusion! 

Very sad that without even a single paper cut, so much blood can fall upon the earth. The ink spreads its toxic mindset through a vast network of veins called banks. Each one of these junctions clogs up the poison  and drips it into our spirit in such quiet evil way. Never getting the blame, just as some sort of non-complying accessory that has no fault in the crime. If all debit was paid off the system would crash. Only 3 countries left without central banks. Iran, Syria, North Korea.
Feed your ego at the all you can eat Paper buffet
The weight loss clinic for the mind will be the next big trend in years to come. The weight of the over sized ego and all its extra fat fake thoughts of one’s self will be forced to cope with the Illusion imploding. The oversized Fat heads to match the over sized Fat asses of North Americans will be the mother of all break downs. Their heads adding stress that cycles by eating to add weight to their asses then put’s the stress on their hearts.
Why is that any different than having  all the extra body fat?
Stress is a killer and you have to look and see what’s causing that stress.
Call it “The consciousness Jenny Craig diet” minus the fake hooters and hair extensions.
Your spirit needs to breathe but your big fat ego is in the way… think of men can’t see their own ding dong due to the protruding stomach area. The less you have emotionally, the more your spirit will gain. The lean, always hungry spirit is a force that knows no boundaries. There is your fucking buffet! More than you can ever eat up.
Trust in that!

Only a heart of love … Peek Crackers

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